INEKS:Imparting and Nurturing Entrepreneurial Knowledge & Skills

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Imparting and Nurturing Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Skills (INEKS) – Entrepreneurship needs courage to make ones dreams come true and see possibilities, solutions and opportunities for the future where others see only problems. Monspro works with these kinds of aspirants to equip and find the way in all the aspects of starting form Ideation to till the commercialization. Monspro have the zeal and ability to be part of the journey of Entrepreneurial aspirants and be the primary factor for the economic development thus creating a better livelihood of the human beings.

The persons who are aspiring to become an Entrepreneur can be part of the course. The students will be qualitatively experiencing and practicing the skills which are highly required for Entrepreneurship.


Opportunities : Mentorship, Partnership, Guidance in all aspects and Funding
Skills : Management Skills, Marketing skills, Creative thinking
Tasks : Real-life experience, Innovation, Frameworks, and documents

Course Details

Course Duration: 3 Months
Course Fees: Rs. 15,000/-
Seat: 25 Members
Who can apply for the course : Students, Working Professionals, and Existing business peoples
Commencement date : 24th February, 2021 (Tentative)

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