7 Pointers to design High Converting Landing Pages: By SORDITENTURE LLP; A Digital Marketing Agency

Seven pointers to design the High converting landing pages for your business. This study is done by the best Digital Marketing company in India - Sorditenture LLP

You have designed a great website that pulls up immense traffic but still not making any lead conversion and lagging in engagement rate which increases the bounce rate on the website. Are you wondering what exactly you are missing here? The conversion depends on the nature of your business, it could be a lead form submission, number email signup, or a purchase made on an E-commerce store, etc. And to make this happen you need to fully optimize your landing pages for conversions. In this blog, we will look at the 7 pointers to design High Converting Landing Pages that will not only attract massive traffic to your website but trigger conversions as well. Stay with us to learn more about designing high-converting landing pages, or contact SORDITENTURE to speak with an expert and start getting conversions on your website!

7 elements of Landing pages that convert

You’ve waited until now to see those 7 elements of Landing pages that convert, here are those 7 elements that you’ll want to consider:

1. A solid Website Foundation

Before we will look into the factors which can increase conversion rate, you need to make sure that your website has a robust foundation

  1. SEO-optimized content
  2. If you are looking for attracting more traffic to your website then highly optimized content is quite necessary for your website as it boosts organic web search for your website on Search engines. Targeted keywords help in finding the website easily among numerous websites on the Search Engines.

  3. Quick Loading Website
  4. The website loading time must be at the optimal rate and it is an important factor for conversion rate optimization (CRO) because if websites take too long to respond then users might navigate to the other website and subsequently your bounce rate will increase.

  5. Mobile Optimized Website
  6. Most internet users access websites through their mobile phones and if your website is not responsive to the mobile phones then you are going to miss a lot of traffic of potential customers, and it will lead to a low conversion rate.

2. Multiple Contact Methods

Use multiple contact methods in a landing page: written by the best Digital Marketing Agency in India - Sorditenture LLP

After laying down the strong and robust foundational piece in place, you can begin with figuring out on-page elements that can increase conversion rate. Primarily you need to incorporate multiple contact methods, so visitors can get in touch with you to resolve their queries and get any information they need to convert. Several methods can be employed on the website to place method of contact, it could be:

  • Contact form: An optimized contact form should be linked from landing pages
  • Phone numbers: Your phone number should be easy to find and click
  • Chatbot: You can incorporate an interactive chatbot as well on the website for addressing quick grievances on an e-commerce store.
It doesn’t matter what option you choose from the above-mentioned, it must be easy to use for your audience to convert. The most preferable place to put your contact option is on the top header bar of the landing page so that visitors need not scroll down or wade through menus.

3. Clear Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons

Use clear Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons on your landing page: written by the best Digital Marketing Agency in India - Sorditenture LLP

The next characteristic of high converting landing pages is a clear call to action buttons (CTA). Your CTA will vary according to the nature of business and goals you want to accomplish, but regardless of that you need to meet the following criteria for smart & clear CTA

  • Above the fold: There must always be clear CTA buttons above the fold that visitors can see without scrolling down.
  • Below the fold: If you’re having a long landing page then you should place a CTA button on the below fold, so visitors can convert without scrolling back to the top.
  • Boxed and Circled: CTA buttons must be boxed and circled in a way that they should look attractive and clickable
  • Accent Color: The color of the CTA button should be in an accent color that helps them pop and stands out from surrounding text and content
  • Directional cues: There must be directional cue that pointing towards the CTA Button.
  • Distraction-free: You have to make sure that your CTA button should not get lost among other contents, callouts, and graphics on landing pages

4. Videos

According to search engine watch, 73% of visitors on the website make purchases or convert after watching the video about the product or services on the landing page. Videos are a significant part of the sales funnel since they can be tailored at each level of the sales funnel.

5. Trust Signals

The best Digital Marketing Company in India named Sorditenture LLP says that it is necessary to include trust signals in your landing page to gain trust of your target audience

If you know about E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness), you must know that trust signals can win over website visitors, gets them to trust your company, and ultimately convert them. The more trust signals you have, the better! Here we have listed some trust signals for you:

  • Rating and Reviews significantly boost customer confidence in your product or services
  • Case Studies about any relevant customer experience and services
  • Trust Seals such as Better Business Bureau (BBB) badge, ISO certification, secure checkout, etc.
  • Media Mentions any big-name media sites that have mentioned your business name
  • Real-time stats about visiting visitors on your website or the number of people availed of your services
  • Celebrity and industry leader endorsements any big names that have endorsed your company
  • Customer banner featuring the logo of clients you work with play a crucial role in cementing confidence among visitor on a website

6. Engaging Design Elements

For a high-converting landing page, the main characteristic is that it should be highly engaging with custom design elements. While design elements include graphics and images, they can also include other things like:

  • Iconsof small sizes add visual interest to text-heavy sections
  • Infographics and micrographics this is a visual way to presenting detailed information
  • Use of color Make good use of white space fill it with relevant graphics, branded colors, and accent colors
  • Background To make the landing page more interesting the background must be appealing
  • Layout The conversion rate is highly dependent on the way you have organized the content on the landing page

7. Intuitive navigation

The last pointer for the Best Landing page is intuitive navigation The website visitors will have an easier time converting on your site if they find elements and information needed to convert straightforwardly. For the best converting landing page you should limit clicks to one or two clicks for conversion not more than that. Well, optimized navigation is the key to best-converting landing pages. Here are some you should go for:

  • Search Bar allows users to find any relevant information they required to convert
  • Breadcrumbs always give way to users to navigate back to pages they want to instead of clicking on the back button repeatedly
  • Internal Links Presents users with other relevant pages
  • Sorting and filtering for e-commerce websites, sorting and filtering functionality helps narrow in on what they are looking for

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The above-mentioned are not an exhaustive list. There are many other characteristics of high converting landing pages. If you’re ready to deep dive in and get started with highly optimized landing pages, SORDITENTURE can help you in achieving your goal. At SORDITENTURE, we have a team of expert Digital marketers having immense knowledge in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management services. Get in touch today and get started with uncovering Digital Marketing opportunities!!

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